Protecting Pathways With Proper Sealing And The Right Method

Protecting Pathways With Proper Sealing And The Right Method

The passageways in front of our homes and other buildings not only allow us to enter them but benefit us in many other ways too. The overall appearances and the value of the premises go up to much extent. Small parties can be arranged and our vehicles can also be parked on the driveways that must be protected from ill effects of inclement weathers and other adverse conditions. Sealing the pathways is the best way to save them for long.

Prominent installers including driveways High Wycombe suggest sealing the pathways in the right ways by adhering to the following steps:

  • Inspection – It is wise to search for the specific spots that are challenged with oily stains, cracks or crumbling effects. The edges and the ends of the pathways must be checked in thorough manners. Each and every nook and corner of the driveway should be seen with a careful eye so that no area is left unchecked as regards sealing of difficult spots.
  • Eliminate the stains – Be careful to wash away the blemish because of grease etc. Hot soapy water may be used for this. Take a stiff-bristle brush to scrub the spot with degreaser like oil water etc.
  • Crack filling – Few cracks often damage the driveways. All cracks should be repaired well before applying an asphalt sealer otherwise they are going to bother the pathways for which you have invested your hard money. Solutions contained in pourable-liquid compress bottles, performed rolls or the caulking tubes is available in the local stores or may be procured through internet. Size of the crack should be considered for choosing the right filling solution. A mixture of two crack-filling solutions may work well in few cases. Manufacturer’s instructions may be adhered to in this regard. The grass, dirt or small stones may be cleared off with wet or dry vacuum before going ahead with the filling procedure. Weeds or trapped scrap can be picked out with awl or screwdriver etc.  
  • Patch the holes – Many times the cracks start turning into potholes. These must be discouraged by using blacktop patch, known as cold patch too. This ready-to-use asphalt is available in bags. Loose asphalt or the substance should be cleared with brush or vacuuming. The bag may be cut open and the blacktop cover should be spread two inches deep in the hole. More blacktop patch may be added, if needed. Even the slightest hole should be filled by repeating the process.

Be wise to think about the climate conditions before using the sealer for your pathway. It must get dried up properly for which you should leave the driveway with the solution for at least two or three days in the hot sun. Avoid using the driveway before it gets completely dried up after applying the sealer. Installer like driveways High Wycombe may be consulted for proper sealing. They generally recommend the asphalt-emulsion or the latex-acrylic sealers that protect the driveways from any ill effect. Always choose the right sealer and do not hesitate to spend some extra dollars but get proper protection.

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