Make the Most of the Long Winter Nights

Make the Most of the Long Winter Nights

The long winter nights are often a source of much dismay among people who would much rather be out enjoying some sunshine. However, they also offer a great time to snuggle up inside and actually catch up on some sleep.

It is no secret that the majority of us feel more lethargic and less driven over the winter months. And whilst part of this is due to the cold and the rain, the long nights are actually the major culprit. Lack of sunlight causes our bodies to release melatonin, a chemical that makes us feel sleepy. This is the reason we find it far easier to sleep at night than in the day and why jet lag or excessively long or short days can confuse our bodies so much.

Therefore, when you feel sleepy over the winter months, the best thing to do might just be to give in. Buying some new cheap bedding and snuggling up is all our bodies want to do once the sun goes down and fighting this too much can lead your body to very much rebel. As such, it may make sense to slow down as the nights get longer, and allow yourself extra time in bed. Getting the same amount of sleep in winter as you do in the summer is likely to leave you feeling far more tired than you do in the summer, and simply being aware you need extra sleep in the winter is likely to be enough to get you feeling far more positive about the darker and colder nights.

Putting a hot water bottle under the duvet and making sure you have an array of the best cheap bedding UK companies have to offer will allow you to feel far happier spending more time in bed over the winter and happier and more vibrant as a result.

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