Is Vaping Safe During Your Pregnancy Time?

Is Vaping Safe During Your Pregnancy Time?

Vaping along with electronic cigarettes are regarded to be as a safe choice than smoking of regular cigarettes and acts as a mechanism to stop someone from smoking. The mere fact is that still these modes put nicotine in your body and vaping while pregnant or breastfeeding works out to be a strict no.

The definition of an e cigarette?

E cigarette connotes a nicotine delivery service. Most of them resemble a regular form of cigarette and there is a battery with a cartridge filled with a liquid known to contain nicotine which has their own dose of chemicals. In this cigarette, the liquid is heated up and becomes a vapor, which you then inhale. This is known as Vaping.

When you smoke a regular cigarette, it brings nicotine to your lungs, by burning the tobacco that creates smoke which you inhale. Tobacco is known to contain hundreds of toxic chemicals. The vapor from an e cigarette contains nicotine, which has a serious say in pregnancy related issues. It may also contain traces of chemicals like nickel or chromium that can harm the developing fetus of the baby. The liquids which are used in this form of cigarettes are not regulated as most of them are known to contain chemicals or flavored agents. There has been no light on the safety aspect of inhaling these vapors, be it alone in case of pregnant women.

A recent study points that pregnant women do have serious implications when it comes to e cigarettes. A majority of women who were part of the survey stated that e cigarette, along with Vaping were considered to be safer than regular cigarettes. Only 57 % of women were of the opinion that e cigarettes contained nicotine, and only 61 % felt that they were addictive in nature. Considering the women in the study, only 13 % had used e cigarettes, but of the ones who did one of the common reasons which was given by them was as they were considered to be safe than the regular dose of cigarettes.

Nicotine in relation to your baby and the pregnancy aspect

The fact that needs to be considered is that e cigarettes, does put nicotine to you and your baby. There is no safe level of exposure with regards to nicotine in case of pregnancy. So,vaping safe during pregnancy is a ruled-out scenario. When there is exposure to nicotine before birth, it can lead to altered brain structure, along with the function in babies. If you use tobacco products during pregnancy, it leads to miscarriage, premature delivery and other form of birth defects. Nicotine is it regular or from electronic cigarettes does show in your breast milk.

In the true sense of the world no pregnant women should be a smoker, but sadly this is not the case as pregnant women do take up to smoking. If this is the case as soon as you become pregnant, you should stop smoking immediately. You can seek the advice of your doctor on switching over to e cigarettes.

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