What You Need To Be Aware After Breast Surgery

What You Need To Be Aware After Breast Surgery

It is common that women tend to have surgery of some kind. It may be in the form of breast reduction of augmentation to reduce or increase the size of the breasts. Women choose breast augmentation for many reasons: to restore and reshape, to increase the size and shape of their breasts and to enhance their bodies. Now the question is Can you breastfeed with ImplantsYesyou normally can breastfeed after surgery, but how successful you will be depends upon the type along with the extend of the surgery. Even if you are able to produce some amount of milk it would be better if you can supplement it with some sort of formula.

Milk tends to be produced in the glandular tissue of the breast, which then travels to the nipples, through the milk ducts. If you had surgery on the breasts the chances are that the milk ducts may be damaged or interrupted during surgery. In some cases, they are cut, whereas in case of others it is not the scenario. Even if it is cut, they may heal after surgery and milk supply is bound to be restored after a certain point of time.

If you had any form of breast surgery and wondering Can you breastfeed with Implants do take the expert opinion of your doctor. If possible hand them over the medical records of your surgery. Do inform the pediatrician of the child that you had a surgery and are breastfeeding so that close attention to the growth along with the development of the baby is considered.

Breast augmentation

The size of the breasts is increased with the aid of silicone implants.  They are placed beneath the natural breast tissue, or under the chest muscles. Most women who have had surgery of this type have gone on to produce a decent amount of milk.

The implants are not known to interfere with the process of breastfeeding, as they are under the natural breast tissue, but the manner in which they are inserted might be cause of concern. In order to avoid any form of scarring what some of the surgeons do is that they intake the implants with the help of incision near the bumpy tissue of the breasts. It could sever the milk ducts and then interfere with the supply of milk.

Breast reduction

It is a surgical process involving removal of the breast tissue and then they are reconstructed into smaller sizes. The extent of the surgery is dependent on how small you want the size of your breasts to be.

One thing is for sure any form of breast surgery is bound to reduce the amount of milk you will produce. The methods which remove and reattach the nipple will completely or are more likely to cause problems. Once you give birth, the breast tissue can pave way to blocked milk ducts which has no way to get out and can lead to blockage. The breasts tend to be swollen which cause you a lot of pain when the milk comes out. But they will continue to produce milk and you can breastfeed the baby in due course of time.

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