Sous Vide- Everything You Want To Know About This Amazing Cooking Style

Sous Vide- Everything You Want To Know About This Amazing Cooking Style

If you are a cooking connoisseur, you must have an urge to try different cooking style to create new dishes with common objects. Sous Vide is one of the popular cooking styles where the control over temperature is the niche to produce restaurant-quality dishes. To produce the exact level of doneness, the high-end restaurants are using this method from long time, and with a bit of idea you can create restaurant-like preparation at home. Know what sous vide is.

Sous Vide- Old Wine in New Bottle

Sous Vide’- this is the French term that means ‘under vacuum’. This is a special type of cooking technique where a vacuum sealed bag is used to seal food items and then boil it inside a pot of water under a precise temperature. The prepared food you get through this method won’t be possible to prepare through other techniques. There are three essential steps that are related to the technique-

  1. You will need a precision cooker for the method. Now, attach it to a pot of water.
  2. Set the time and temperature to the level of your doneness.
  3. Keep the food inside a sealed bag and put it into the pot.
  4. Now, have your food boiled, seared and grilled to get a crispy outer layer.

Making food through this method is quite simple and you can prepare any recipe at home by using this technique.

Benefits of Cooking in Sous Vide Style

If you follow the traditional method of cooking, often you end up with overcooked outer layers while the inner portion is not that much cooked or the juice has been lost. In case of preparing stake this happens often. If you go for this French method, you can get a food preparation with appropriate taste, texture, color and aroma. Why you should try this way of cooking food? Let’s find out-

  • Get Consistent Result – Each time you cook a food item, you know how much temperature is needed for a certain amount of time. So, every time you get consistent results.
  • Taste Is Unique – Any food tastes the best when it is cooked in its juice. Preparing food through this method ensures that the food gets cooked well in its juices without using much outer ingredients. Therefore, the taste is always much better than cooking in other methods.
  • Flexibility – Cooking in traditional technique requires your constant attention as you get worried about overcooking the food. Here, you set temperature and required time and there is no fear of overcooking.
  • Waste Reduction – While cooking traditionally, the food item dries out and wastage is enough. For example, if you cook steak in a conventional way, around 40% of the item is reduced by drying up. But, if you follow this unique method, there will be no reduction in volume.

Hopefully, you get why sous vide is a better way of cooking than the traditional method. You can try this at home and see how easy it is.

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