How Healthy Are Biscotti Thins For You?

How Healthy Are Biscotti Thins For You?


Biscotti are the most amazing little snacks that reside beside your coffee cup in a coffee shop. But, besides its taste, there are a few more interesting facts to know about them. Biscotti Thins is a food that originated in an Italian city known as Prato. It mainly emerged during olden times and was a very likeable snack of the Roman soldiers and travelers. Biscotti are very simple to make as it is a think, hard and crusty cookie that is baked twice. It has a dry texture which gives it the right amount of crunch. It is actually difficult to eat them singularly which is why they are complemented with tea or coffee. They have grown in popular taste and today are found in all popular coffee shops. In a lot of places they also come for free.

More about biscotti cookies

Originally, these biscotti cookies were only almond flavored. It made it taste so amazing that people never thought of giving them any other flavor. But, with time, people’s tastes have also improved and today they are made in various other flavors. Bakeries and coffee shops are experimenting with flavors in order to appease the demanding taste buds of customers. The common flavors we can find in most bakery stores include carob chips, walnuts, cinnamon, orange zest, star anise and many more interesting ones. There are several other varieties found in chocolate and icing. To make these cookies, softer and easily digestible, they are dipped in coffee or tea. These cookies have really managed to attract everyone from kids to oldies. Though they are not particularly savored by people who lack teeth!

The health factor

We generally do not access the health quotient of a food if it managed to appeal to our taste. But, with people becoming increasingly conscious about what they eat and what they don’t, the health factor of these biscotti cookies is questioned. To be frank, these cookies have been invented mostly for the purpose of acting as a complement with beverages and there are particularly no health benefits that it offers. Surely, calorie quantities are a question and the calorie in the cookies mainly depends on the recipe and ingredients that have been followed and used. Processed carbohydrates are used here and there is no major fiber in them. They offer a rapid rise in the blood sugar level and consequently make people hungry. Thus, those people who are diabetic will surely steer clear from these cookies. These cookies are quite high in fat, sugar and other homemade varieties where there are a lot of carbohydrates. Often, people who bake them, tend to use a whooping amount of carbohydrate in them than is usually found in the ones bought from stores. But, there are always low calorie recipes and options which make them healthier. There aren’t dearths of online stores where these cookies are sold and are made the way one wishes to have them. You can always plus-minus a few things and add a touch of your own.

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