The Famous Indian Tandoori Roti

The Famous Indian Tandoori Roti

Roti is the main part of Indian food and basically, a tandoori roti is a variety of flatbreads. The other most famous rotis are rumaali roti and Khamiri roti and this tandoori roti is not flamboyant as these both rotis are. It is a simple roti made in an oven which is made up of clay called tandoor or Bhatti in India. It is more popular in the northern region of India other than South. It is believed that this roti cannot be made at home or without tandoor, but it is just a myth as you can get many tandoori roti recipes which does not require tandoor.

Tandoori roti differs from simple roti because it is made up of two types of flour, one is wheat flour and the other one is Maida, which makes this roti fluffy and soft. It seems easy but cooking or making tandoori roti can be really difficult as it needs specific heat temperature. A tandoor is a well-known and mostly used oven in the various Arab countries and Hindu-Muslim countries like Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. It is used for different dishes like Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka while Hindus use it for making flatbreads like tandoori roti and naan. Its name differs from country to country.

There are a number of curries and vegetables which make a perfect combination of delicious food. Here are some common ones are:-

  • Paneer butter masala: This is an Indian curry dish made up of cheese slices. It is highly spicy and has tomato cashew butter gravy which makes it a perfect curry dish. Those who love food that creates a burning sensation must try this dish.
  • Palak Paneer: It is one of the most loved gravy cuisines in North India. This contains the chopped cube pieces of cheese with lots of green vegetables making it also somewhat a healthy diet. You can check out tandoori roti recipes in hindi that certainly deliver a soothing taste with palak paneer.
  • Dal Makhni: The dish which is most common in India. It includes different types of pulses with a fry of vegetables and lots of spice. The specialty of this dish is it is full of butter. This cuisine will surely make you gourmet.
  • Malai Kofta: Kofta can be made with filling many vegetables inside. The cream is the main ingredient in this dish.

These all Indian curry cuisines go well and great with Tandoori Roti. You must try eating with these all upper stated curry dishes. Naan is another very common flatbread eaten in India. It looks same as Tandoori roti but there are many differences like naan is completely made up of Maida while roti is partially made. Maida can be harmful to your stomach thus, try to avoid it instead you can go for Tandoori roti.

You can search for tandoori roti banane ki vidhi online which will instruct you the full recipe in Hindi step by step. So, if you love eating and trying new dishes, you must try Tandoori roti. Remember it can be made without clay oven also. You will definitely be going to like it.

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