How Does A Cold Pressed Juicer Overcome The Challenges Of A Conventional Juicer?

How Does A Cold Pressed Juicer Overcome The Challenges Of A Conventional Juicer?

One of the healthiest and most nutrition-rich items in the world is a juice. The juice can be of fruits or vegetables or combined, but these juices are still a pathway to a healthy living. But, does a conventional juicer give you a proper, thick and healthy juice? The answer is no. A conventional juicer does bring out juice, but that juice isn’t rich in nutrients and fibres. A cold pressed juicer, on the other hand, overcomes the challenges of a conventional juicer to give its users healthy juice that is rich in fibres and nutrients. Here is how a cold pressed juicer overcomes the challenges of a conventional juicer:

  1. Retention of More Fibres and Nutrients:

When conventional juicers are used to make juice, the fibres and nutrients of the vegetables and fruits get oxidized. This is because a conventional juicer generates a lot of heat. The blades of the juicer spin at a really high speed due to which this heat is generated. Cold pressed juicers, on the other hand, don’t produce that level of heat. As less heat is generated, the juice has more fibres and nutrients.

  1. More Juice Is Produced:

Conventional juicers implement one of the two techniques forextracting juice out of the vegetables and fruits. These juicers either use the crushing technology of extracting juice or they use the pressing technology to get the juice out. If only one of these ways is used, a lot of juice is wasted inside the vegetables and fruits. That is why a cold pressed juicer implements both crushing and pressing while juicing. First, the juice is extracted using the crushing technique and then the pressing of vegetables and fruits gives out more juice. Therefore, it produces more juice as compared to a conventional juicer.

  1. Filters for Better Juicing:

Cold pressed juicers have various filters for different usage. Conventional juicers use just one filter for each and every type of fruit, which is why sometimes it gets difficult for completely juicing different types of vegetables and fruits. With cold pressed juicers, you have a fine meshed filter screen that is can be used for all hard vegetables and fruits like apple, cucumber, carrot etc. You also have a wide meshed filter screen that is used for all kinds of soft vegetables and fruits like tomato, orange, watermelon etc.

  1. Less Energy Consumption:

As the juicing operation of conventional juicers require high speed spinning of the motors, it gets necessary to provide a lot of electricity for their functioning. With the latest high-end energy efficient cold pressed juicers, this problem is solved. They use a slow spinning less heat generating operation due to which the energy consumption is less. They don’t make noise and aren’t really heavy.

All these features clearly show that they have overcome conventional juicers’ challenges very efficiently.

The main purpose of juice is to provide healthy nutrients and fibres to the human body. With the help of a cold pressed juicer, you can get more fibres and nutrients with the same amount of juice. All this makes cold pressed juicers the best juicers in the world. They are convenient and efficient at what they do. Conventional juicers have a lot of issues, which is why cold pressed juicers, are the future. They have successfully overcome all challenges of conventional juicers and are here to stay and dominate the market.

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