Popular Toys Throughout The Decades

Popular Toys Throughout The Decades

If we start listing the popular toys throughout the decades, we will find so many. The toys are always attractive for the children because they find them their best friends. Those children who have no access to parks, TVs, movies and friends spend their free time playing with their favorite toys. Every decade has a number of popular and favorite toys. We will include all the popular toys in the last few decades with their short descriptions.


The transformer toy was introduced in 1984. It has many parts that can be shifted into an artificial robot. These toys were so much popular in their times. Japanese and American companies had produced it. These were animated and movies and live shows were performed on these. These were sold in a great number and a franchise was opened in 2000s. It might be categorized among the most popular and most sold toys of 1990s. Every child of that time had this transformer toy in their homes.


This was a series of dolls with individual names and certificates. These were brought into market in 1983. These were very successful in the market and there was a big reason behind its success. The producers had run a great and superb campaign before its launch. The dolls had earned more than $600 million till 1985. When it got famous, the customers had to wait on long queues to get the doll from the shopkeepers. It created history and made a big name.


It was produced and introduced in 1985. It was also a successful toy in the market. It had eyes, lips and that create sounds with a cassette attached to its back. It was the most popular toy of its time. Every child had wished to buy Teddy Ruxpin and have in their homes. The toy manufacturer worlds of wonder were its producers and those who brought it into the markets. When it was hit with the ground, it used to produce melodious and awesome sounds.


It was an entertainment system for the kids and children. It had sold more than 7 million systems in 1988 and changed the market trends leaving all the software games far behind. It was the most popular game toy in 1990s and almost every child had bought if they could afford.


It was introduced in 1989 and it was a video game console. It sold approximately 1.1 million units of the toy and got huge popularity in those days. The reports claimed that it was named as the best selling electronic game toy of all times. Usually electronic toys get good attraction of kids and children as they run automatically and provide them with great entertainment.


The Burney doll was launched in the markets in 1992. It was a purple dinosaur plush toy based on a character derived from TV drams. It was also among the highest sold toys of that time and parents had demanded when their kids could not find it. It was the production of toy manufacturer Dankin.

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